Summer & Fall

Published August 1, 2016 by Rabbi Mike in Rabbi's Posts

We had an excellent annual picnic on Saturday. It rained heavily early Saturday morning, just before sunrise and the grass was still wet when got to our picnic site. Then the sun came out and shone for the whole time we were at the site and people were even taking refuge in the shade. Our service was quite short but the fellowship and the food was quite good. It was nice to relax and chat with no time constraints. The only problem for me was the bug spray that wafted through the air every so often.

Patti and I are taking two weeks off for our annual vacation and are looking forward to some rest, even though we have several projects we want to get doen and will be doing several day trips.

When we went to camp, I still got perfumed a couple of times daily, so maybe this will be a safer option from a respiratory perspective.

We are going to hold an outdoor baptism later in the month as part of the build up to our annual celebration of the Fall Feasts. Please download the schedule and plan to attend these amazing special services.

Rabbi Mike

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